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Guide to Tempest Results Runs

You are looking at the full test results of a devstack setup and tempest run for the OpenStack gate, as well as all the logs of all the relevant services that were running during that tempest test run. From them you should have enough information to debug.

How To Debug - Quickstart

  1. scroll to the end of console.html
  2. work your way backwards until the first failing test
  3. copy the timestamp of that failing test
  4. go into logs directory and look at that time stamp in related service logs for traces, failures, or other oddities

File Overview


This file contains the stdout/stderr console of the devstack-gate job. The basic flow of the file goes as follows:

All the devstack setup is done under bash tracing, so is extremely verbose. This is to ensure enough data is captured so that you can debug failures in the gate with the information provided.

The tempest tests are the last 1% of the console.html. When looking at failures it is typical best to start at the end of the file and work backwards.


The logs directory contains all the screen logs from all the services during the devstack-gate run.

About this Help

This help file is part of the openstack-infra/system-config project, and can be found at modules/openstack_project/files/logs/help/tempest-overview.html . The file can be updated via the standard OpenStack Gerrit Review process.